While Lampuga is a young company it is one with much history. Scroll back in time to learn how Lampuga has become what it is today. Explore the previous board models from when the Lampuga brand was owned by a different company, read about the establishment of the “new” Lampuga, see the reconstructed board models and learn more about the company’s path forward.


The new "Lampuga Boost" and "Lampuga Rescue" models will be introduced to the market.

Compared to their preceding versions, the boards are undergoing advancements in both technology and design.

August 2018

The new Lampuga production hall was built to facilitate mass production.

Shortly after, production moved into the new hall located next to the Lampuga offices in Southern Germany.

January 2018

The "Lampuga Air" - from prototype to finished product.

The new and improved Lampuga Air model was introduced to market. The board was entirely reconstructed and underwent significant technology and design upgrades, while keeping the original element of the inflatable hull.

June 2017

The Lampuga assets were acquired by the Weisenburger Group and Lampuga GmbH was founded.

The new company started production in Southern Germany, with a new team under the leadership of Nicolai Weisenburger.

January 2017

The second wave of Lampuga boards were introduced, including the “Lampuga Air S”, the “Lampuga Boost GT” and the “Lampuga Boost GTR”.

A few months later the founding company, Sashay GmbH, filed for bankruptcy.

January 2015

The first wave of Lampuga boards were introduced, including the “Lampuga Air”, the “Lampuga Boost” and the “Lampuga Rescue”.

Shortly after, the founding company initiated crowdfunding to finance production and product expansion.

August 2011

The Lampuga brand was established by Sashay GmbH in Hamburg.

The founding company is a separate company that does not have any connection with the current Lampuga GmbH.