Lampuga is Scaling up Production

November 2018 - Rastatt

Lampuga Production Hall

The construction of the new 1,560 m² Lampuga production hall is complete and the hall is nearly ready for business. Shorty, shiny new Lampuga boards will be rolling down the assembly lines.

After the successful introduction of the Lampuga Air at the Dusseldorf Boot in January 2017, there has been an increasing, worldwide demand for Lampuga boards. To meet the growing demand, we initiated the construction of a new production hall earlier this year. The new state-of-the-art facility with its advanced production system, will enable us to scale up production and to begin mass production of our electric surfboards by April 2019. Shorty, the board production will move into the new facility located next to the Lampuga offices in Rastatt, Germany. The spacious production hall will provide our technical team with a modern and improved workspace where the boards can be manufactured to the highest standards at a much larger scale than previously.

While the production hall building is complete, we are working on finalizing our production system that will assemble the Lampuga boards. The new production system is engineered according to lean production principles, is energy efficient and is designed utilizing custom-made surface-mount technology. The production system will ensure high throughput and high quality of the assembled boards. For quality assurance purposes, the production hall will also be equipped with a testing pool, which is due to be installed. After assembly, all the boards will be tested in this pool before leaving the hall for distribution.

We are all excited about moving the production into our new facility and are eager about increasing our supply to the market. With the increased supply of electric surfboards, we will seek to broaden our distribution and to increase our network of dealers on a global level.

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