Lampuga produces the world’s fastest emission free Jetboards – made in Germany.
Furthermore, the boards fascinating with a great design, which contains high-quality materials. The Lampuga Boost completely consists of carbon, the Lampuga Air can be transported very easily because of its inflatable body.

The boards will be sold in Europe from June 2018 and then worldwide.

The boards are only available through our dealers. Shipping cost are therefore dependent on, and determined by the individual dealers.

Net prices
Boost: 19.990€
Air: 10.990€

Yes, the boards have a changeable battery, which can be changed after use.

Up to 120 minutes at a customary socket (230V).

The batteries provide 45 minutes of driving fun.

A separate battery costs 3,500€.

By operating the pistol grip at the remote control.

By releasing the pistol grip the board slows down.

By weight shifting.

The Lampuga Boost up to 58 km/h, The Lampuga Air up to 50 km/h.

Yes, but that requires experience.

Principally no, but the battery life and the speed can be reduced.

It is possible to customise the Lampuga Boost, but not the Lampuga Air.

In Germany you don’t need a driver’s licence up to 15 horsepower for lakes and inland waters. Therefor:

  • The minimum age is 16 years
  • Mental and physical ability

There are many exceptions to this principle. This information should be obtained in advance and coordinated with the water protection.

No, the operation is maintenance-free. A regular inspection is advised.

The guarantee is 1 year for end-users.

No, unfortunately we can’t provide spare parts. It is not known what kind of technology has been installed and we can’t ensure the functionality and compatibility.

No, the production of the old boards was discontinued.