The Boost

Design. Power. Perfection.

The fast and exclusive

With its elegant design, high-quality materials and astonishing speed, the Lampuga Boost is considered the premium board in the Lampuga range. Made of carbon, the light-weight board is designed for speed and stability. Its smooth shape further allows for precise controlling and dynamic manoeuvres at all times. The board comes with a glossy black exterior, which may be customised on request, is equipped with a large non-slip grip pad centre and has one handle located at the front of the board. The water-ready board has a top speed of a breath-taking 58km/h and weighs 40kg including the battery. Balancing design and technology, the board offers the ultimate riding experience on water, is easy to use and is suitable for all riders.



Breathtaking speed and stability at all times.


Massive thrust, no emissions.


Gas by hand, control by weight transfer.

Plug & Play

Removable battery. Easily repowered.

"This was my second time on the board, and my fourth time ever surfing, and already I felt like I knew what I was doing. It's easy to master and a hell of a lot of fun."




up to 54 km/h


14 horsepower


40 kg (Battery approx. 20 kg)


up to 45 minutes


up to 120 minutes

80 cm
256 cm
15 cm

Coming soon

The Lampuga Boost is scheduled to be introduced in 2019. While the board is not yet available, we are accepting pre-orders and would gladly receive yours. For more information or questions about the model get in touch with the Lampuga team.